Group/centre activities

Group activities are surely one of the most effective ways of collaboration, social wellbeing, and building confidence. This support service aims at building capacity by engaging participants in a range of activities in a group-based setting, where they are able to exercise their choices and establish strong connections with other group members. We offer both self-directed or support worker-facilitated group/centre-based activities for capacity building. We assist you in undertaking activities of your interest that include but are not limited to:

your interest that include but are not limited to:

  • Activities for better health, like swimming, yoga, walks, and fitness sessions.
  • Activities focussed on the development of life skills that include cooking, gardening, grocery shopping and other personal tasks.
  • Worker-facilitated sessions to enlighten participants on important skills like budgeting, managing finances, reading and writing, etc.
  • Engaging in volunteering activities together
  • Being a part of community events, shopping, and visiting libraries, museums and art galleries.
  • Engaging in recreational activities (self-directed or worker-facilitated) like dancing, picnic, art and craft, music, and/or other games.
  • Other activities that participants may want to engage in.
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